Re: A little too far ( Ysolde / Desille )


What Ysolde did not expect to see in a tunnel, was a dragon. Or more specifically, a dragon's head. A.. small dragon's head. Okay then. She had rounded a corner, thinking to her next errand when she had come face to muzzle with a blue face. "You're not meant to be in here." It came out of her mouth unexpectedly, before her brain had proper chance to process just what it was she was looking at.

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Desille was having a bit of a moment as she dashed towards the crafthalls, freaking out over how she was going to get Doryth out without anyone seeing him  Faranth!  How had he even got into their in the first place?  Without being caught!  She loved him but he was too much at times.  Crazy little blue!

Doryth on the other hand was much too occupied to worry about what was running through his rider's head.  He sensed someone approaching, could it be?... yes, he could feel it!  Whipping his head to the right he tried to crane his neck into that passage, since his body could not longer fit.  {{ Hello? }} he asked the approaching young woman.

- Desille and Doryth

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