Re: For a Handful of Kittens ( Kassia / Yiyu / Ysolde / Kyrel / R'bor / Any )

Jessica Freise

Rising early wasn't anything new to Yiyu. But the sight of a mighty bronze in the Weyrbowl just behind his rider was. She dithered for a moment, watching as a group began to gather around the kneeling rider. Overcome with curiousity and hoping not to have her ears pinned back for it, she joined the growing crowd.

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Every morning before dawn R'bor was already out and about.  Since graduating, he'd been able to set his own schedule, and contrary to what a normal human being would do, he decided to get up even earlier than he'd been forced to as a weyrling.  He liked it though; there was no one else out and he could set his own pace without any strange looks.  He liked to start near the weyrling barracks and run along the bowl in a large circle, slowing down and speeding up depending on which segment he was on.

The Weyr was different at those hours; he often saw nocturnal creatures scurrying to their dens, escaping the sun and how busy the Weyr got during the day.  Just yesterday he'd seen a mother cat transporting her litter from one hiding spot to another; a small crack on the Weyrbowl's wall, not too far from the dining cavern.  When he'd first seen it he thought that maybe that wasn't the best place... but it wasn't his business. He continued as usual.

This morning he started and hadn't even thought about the mother cat and her kittens until, about a quarter of the way through his run he saw a furry black body being pecked at by a small wherry.  Wherries in the Weyrbowl?  Unacceptable.  He would've shoo'd it away if only because of that.

"Poor thing," he muttered to himself as he examined the body of the mother cat.  He recalled the kittens and the crack she'd hidden them in.  They would die without her.

With a heavy sigh, he decided it was up to him to take responsibility.  After all, who else knew?  [[ Vukoth? ]]

{{ Hm? }} the bronze was still mostly asleep on his ledge.  

[[ I found some kittens. ]]

Interest piqued in the dragon, {{ How many? }}

[[ Not sure.  I'm going to dig them out now, ]] R'bor knelt in front of the crack and stuck his hand in.  He tried stretching his arm out, seeing what he could feel when suddenly small, needle-like teeth bit into his dark skin.  He let out a yelp and pulled his hand out, a small orange feline attached it, tooth and claw.  "Little bastard!"

R'bor shook his hand and the feline flew off with a wail, before scurrying back into the crack.  

{{ That was cute, }} commented the large bronze, who suddenly landed behind his rider, wanting to see it all.

"It's not, it hurt," muttered R"bor.  "Stay out of the way."

R'bor went in, trying to fish out a kitten.

Around the Weyr people were starting to wake up and more than one would be curious as to what R'bor and his enormous bronze were doing to the weyrbowl.

- R'bor and Vukoth

OOC:  As people approach R'bor will pull out kittens and hand them off

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