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Jessica Freise

Yiyu dared to open her dark brown eyes, focusing on the brownrider. She gave him a shakey smile, wiping fruitlessly at her face as water dripped. She shifted, aware of how very wet she was.

"I....I'm fine," she said quietly, glancing at the lake which had a few dragons in it. "Which...which one is yours?"

Three sevendays ago she would not have dared speak to a rider. More of Rinettz's influence.

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Oh, shards! 

In all honesty, K'sway hadn't really been paying attention where he'd told Sixanth to land, and the brown had plunged into the Lake with surprising eagerness that sent a smaller wave outward. 

Soaking himself - though he'd dry off soon- he moved toward the girl. "Hey! You okay? Sorry about my Sixanth."

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Yiyu was now three sevendays in the Weyr. Things seemed to be changing daily for her, with her, as she made more and more friends. She would never be more than introverted, but she was finding she could still be shy and have a life here.

She crossed the bowl in the late afternoon light and hit the sandy lakeshore at a brisk trot as she mulled over just how much her life had changed. All thought was washed, quite literally, away as a splash of water rose up and drenched her from head to toe. Instinctively closing her eyes, she saw neither the cause of the splash or his rider at first.

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