Re: Tail-Bone of a Person ( Kyrel/Aruithil )


"He WHAT?" Kyrel sputtered in startled surprise, honey-colored eyes wide and accompanied by a jaw-drop. This news was clearly fresh to the boy and just further evidence that his first impression of Z'go was the right one. "Who the feck does that? And to a kid?! Faranth be praised, how is he still walking around free?" By his vehemence, Kyrel's protective sensibilities were thoroughly offended.

He couldn't stand still anymore, frustration driving him to begin pacing across the small classroom, clearly antsy. The arrival of Aru's queen gave him pause, a hesitant look cast at the gold, before he resumed stalking around. He wasn't entirely comfortable around the flying lizards after the injury that had introduced him to Aru. "Sharding prick, I hope whatever he's got is as embarrassing as it is painful," Kyrel muttered. "Think Cremsden will be okay without us?"

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"Z'go is a special case," Aruithil replied, entering the classroom with the candidate.  "I don't care if he is rude; there are a lot of rude people, especially when they are suffering.  Z'go, though..." she paused, making sure there was no one around them before continuing,  "He kidnapped a child once.  Luckily everything was okay in the end.  The boy ended up impressing and everything but... still.  I hate people like that."

A golden firelizard appeared from between and settled on the young woman's shoulder and nuzzled her, trying to comfort Aruithil's heightened feelings.

- Aruithil and Myri

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