Re: A Favorite Topic With a New Face (Diagir/Ziya, Maglor/Glaurung)


"Ah, I see. My oldest is a Northbred brown I Impressed to back in Crom. I trained whers there for the mines with good success." There may or may not have been pride in Diagir's tone. "I've been bonded to a few personally but they all went on to serve others. My brown, Diagirsk, was the first one to be personally mine. Our bond is quite strong. He's about fifteen Turns I shouldn't guess. Ziya just turned seven, and Vainglory is about... Hm how old is that green... five? Ish? Ah then she'd be about the same age as Glaurung! Vainglory is Ziya's daughter from her first clutch."

Purring happily at the praise, Ziya fluffed her wings. {Ziya perfect eggs. Ziya lay many, all Hatch with strong little'uns. Ziya not mind 'Rung chase.}

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