Re: A Senior Request (Cremsden/Aruithil)

Laura Walker

"This is one of those things you learn *only* by practising," Cremsden said dryly. "I'll set you a list every few days. You learn them by rote, you practise and you practise more. Get your friends to test you, practice in front of your pets if you have to, whatever it takes until the response is automatic. I'll test you when you're not expecting it too, but the only real way to learn them is to sit down and *learn* them every spare minute."

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She understood perfectly what he meant.  Up until now she'd been given leeway in that regard, though more and more she'd felt the pressure of knowing it.  Though Aruithil had done her best to practice in her free time, she found more and more that she barely had enough time to sleep much less get extra studying.  She was following his every word so when Cremsden paused she noticed, and frowned.  A bad memory?  Aruithil suddenly realized she may not know her mentor as well as she thought that she did.

"Is there a way I can practice?" she asked, eagerly. 

- Aruithil and Myri


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