Re: Taking Advantage ( Namieh / Leodred )


"What makes you think I was going to take anything?" Namieh asked, no need to fake the offense she felt. How did he know that? Stupid boy! A lucky guess, she surmised, her proverbial hackles on the rise regardless. 

His question made her shrug, transitioning to nonchalant. "Dunno, I only just got a glance at them. Can't really tell until we pop one open though." Unless they were labeled. She bent down and plunged her hand into the box once more, retrieving the simple jar sealed shut with wax. The letter 'F' had been painted on its exterior. "Huh."

On Mon, Mar 30, 2020, 12:06 AM Rogue Kakashi <snail.on.speed@...> wrote:
Leodred decided to get a little closer and look into the particular box that she had been rifting through, tapping the side of it lightly and heard some jars full of liquid brush against each other within it. 

"No one leaves this kind of stuff laying around for long," he replied.  "They ain't mine, but still doesn't mean I should let you take anything."  And why should he?  It wasn't like it was to his benefit in any way.  "What is it anyways?"

- Leodred

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