Re: The Beast that Sleeps Below ( Yiyu / Leodred )

Rogue Kakashi

Leodred erupted out of the darkness, arriving through one of the tunnel maybe six feet up ahead.  He tried to stop himself but not only ended up skidding but crashing into the wall as well.  Picking himself up off the floor he looked at her, his steel gray eyes wide open, and his chest lunging as his lunged sucked up air.  It took him a moment, but Leodred managed to get himself under control, "Thanks, lost my torch, though I was going to... die down there..."  

He decided against mentioning the strange sounds he'd heard.  Could there really be something living deep underneath the Weyr?  No, imposible, someone would know, for sure.  Right?  "Name's Leodred.  What are you doing down here?"

- Leodred

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