Re: I'm Late, for a very important date! (Alyx/Asheran)

Jenna Cunningham

As much as possible, Asheran had attempted to scrub up, but given the craft he practiced, some stains were too baked into the palms of his hands now to easily wash away. So he had thrown on a clean shirt and pair of supple, tanned hide trousers, and a sleeveless leather jerkin over the shirt that he had stitched himself - and was inordinately proud of. The boots, too, were new; one of the attempts he had made recently while holed up in the tannercrafthall - just good enough to keep, but not good enough to trade for something better. Still, he had tried to style them after the boots he had seen dragonriders wearing around the Weyr, rather than something Hold-made, and wearing them made him feel confident enough to deal with the immediate challenge ahead of him: namely, courting a girl who was also his friend.

He sat with his back to the wall, tucked away in one of the empty store rooms between the hatching cavern and the candidate barracks, cradling and feeding the little green firelizard in his lap scraps of meat from a plate heaped high with chunks of herdbeast. He hadn't brought food to the spot originally, but then Ardy had come with the note that Alyx would be late - and he had rushed back to the dining hall to stock up, grabbing stew and rolls and an entire pitcher of wine, and that plate of meat. He had it all laid out before him now like some kind of picnic in the dusty nook, and his flit was singing happily as she gorged herself. He had even snuck out a couple of bubbly pies for dessert, but they hadn't made the trip back entirely unscathed. His belt-pouch was bruised blue from the burst berries, and he was still brushing crumbs from the pouch. He tucked her note into the pouch once it was clean enough, folded into a square, as a memento for later.

"Don't judge me," he murmured to Felix, the little flit, who had paused in her eating to lift her head and watch him quizzically. "You wouldn't understand yet, anyway. You're just little, you."

He stroked her head, and kept his eyes peeled for Alyx, too busy soothing the green in his arms to feel anything even remotely close to anxiety.

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