Re: Taking Advantage ( Namieh / Leodred )


Namieh had long since decided to spend every spare moment free of the endless litany of chores to explore the Weyr. In her experience, it was important to know the layout of a place and she would never be comfortable until she did. She'd wandered around the bowl, paced through the main halls, peeked into all the public spaces she came across and through any doors not locked. So much was left open, unattended. There was a lot of trust here, something she wasn't accustomed to seeing. People that trusting were either tightly knit or very stupid. She hadn't decided which the weyrfolk were yet. 

When she'd come across the boxes piled in one of the tunnels, it had given her pause. A quick glance in either direction told her the hall was empty, and no one seemed to be around. What did we have here?

Namieh knelt behind the cover of the pile, preferring to have the wall at her back than let anyone sneak up on her. She carefully inspected one of the boxes; nothing written, no labels. Curious. Deft fingers pried open the lid, bright green eyes alight. There had been little more than time enough to stick her hand in and begin rifling through the contents before a voice caused her to freeze. 

Oh, feck! Namieh wracked her brain for the right reaction, the right words. Bolting to her feet, she laid a hand over her chest and feigned attempting to catch her breath. "You scared me!" She deflected. Not entirely false. "Faranth, my heart is racing! Are you.. I mean, these don't happen to be yours, do they?" Her eyes flashed to the boxes and back. "Kinda sloppy just leaving them here, don'tcha think?"

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The Dining Cavern was so damn crowded at this hour, Leodred couldn't stand it.  In fact, it had not taken the young man long to realize that living at the Weyr was liking living at an eternal Gather when you considered the amount of people.  It became outright draining to him to deal with this day after day and soon a familiar dullness started to apply pressure onto the back of his skull, a warning from his own body.

Leodred slipped out the back of the Dining Caverns and began to make his way though the cool, dark tunnels that grew like roots under the Weyr.  By the smell of redwort he knew he was near the infirmary.  He decided to head that way and suddenly encountered an assortment of large boxes.  

"What that...?" he murmured to himself when he suddenly heard it; someone was screwing around with one of the boxes... not that he cared, but instinctually he announced himself, getting himself involved like that sharding idiot he had been born to be; "Hey!  What are you doing?"

- Leodred

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