I'm Late, for a very important date! (Alyx/Asheran)


* OOC note, slight fuzzy time, later in the day from the random kitchen hatching*

What a day it had been! First a tiny green flit that almost killed itself with numbweed, then at lunch a tiny blue had attached himself to her, and Ardy, her friend Asheran had attached a small green. Then she'd gone back to work, she'd only been on the schedule for a couple more hours, now, four hours later, she was finally getting off. Three ladies had all gone into labor at about the same time, and three babies delivered, in four hours. She was so tired from the long day. But being late, she was glad that she'd sent a note out to Asheran, telling him that she'd be late, why, and asking him to grab some dinner, for them and the flits. After all the screaming, and crying and everything else today, she was craving quiet. There were always secluded places they could go to get some peace and quiet. As she finally stepped outside the infirmary, she stopped and did a long, slow stretch, hands coming up above her head, one shoulder popped softly, and some tension eased in her neck. She let her arms slowly fall back down, and just like that her new tiny blue was awake. She still wasn't sure what she was going to call him. She hadn't really bad time to think about it.

The tiny blue yawned once, blinked, then let out a plaintive creel of hunger. Not only would she be on baby duty in the infirmary, she now had her own to worry about. She'd be glad when this particular part of her training was over with. She turned her attention back to the blue and sent calming thoughts, which of course were only partially effective. The blue settled in place, tiny feet grasping the edge of her pocket, but the creeling didn't stop, so Alyx hurried her steps towards the meeting place they'd come to earlier.
Have fun with any of my characters. Alyx, Lerian (candidates), Vayka (Healer), J'hen, D'vik, Teyra, Cotai (Riders), Rotasta (AWLM)

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