A little too far ( Ysolde / Desille )

Rogue Kakashi

When the tunnels of the Crafthalls were designed, they were designed with the idea that it would be necessary to draw in carts full of materiel, so they had had the foresight to make the tunnels in this area taller and especially wider to accommodate the necessities that the crafts may need.  What they did not foresee was that a stubborn 2nd pass blue dragon would feel the need to enter them on his own and uninvited.  

He couldn't help it!  There was something inside of him, a primal urge that said, "There is something here that you must find and you must find it NOW!"  He had absolutely no clue what it was but Doryth was determined; more determined than he had been in his entire life, and he was going to... make... it... through!

Lucky for him, he was a 2nd pass blue, which meant that he was considerably smaller in comparison to his 8th pass brethren.  In his own time, Doryth would've been average size, though somewhat on the thinner and more flexible side of the spectrum, which was why he was able to traverse said tunnels.  Because of his wind it was a tighter squeeze than he would've liked, and he hadn't put much thought into how he was going to get out, but... he was almost there!

The blue stopped at the entrance of what he would later be told was the gemcrafting area of the crafthall and pushed his head against the door, trying to get in.

Meanwhile Desille had just finished eating a late breakfast in the Dining Cavern when she realized that Doryth was being oddly quiet.  [[ Love? ]] she queried but received no answer.  Suspicious.  [[ Love!? ]]

{{ I'm here!  Shh, I'm busy, }} he replied.

[[ Busy doing what, my love? ]]

{{ I'm looking for something.  Someone, I think.  I can smell her, but... I can't go any further! }}

Desille started to get a bad feeling, [[ What do you mean you can't go... Where exactly are you, Doryth? ]]  She received a mental image from the blue and the girl's mouth hung open, [[ What... how... why... DORYTH!  Get out of there right this instant! ]]

With waiting a moment more she took off at full speed, recognizing the craft hall from her visits to ther older brother Delowen, a smith.

- Doryth and Desille 

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