The Beast that Sleeps Below ( Yiyu / Leodred )

Rogue Kakashi

Leodred's patience had been cut short that day.  Some dumbfeck kid called Sorho had decided that it would be funny to put paint on the chairs of some of the first year candidates.  As soon as Leodred had sat down he felt the cold paint seep in through his lighter, personalized clothes.  Feck, he felt the cold paint on his privates.  As soon as Leodred felt it he was up and gone and had spent most of the rest of the day planning how he'd take revenge on the idiot.

He'd wandered into the Lower Caverns, looking for something a little more private, and found one of the rooms where they kept the extra pillows and blankets.  He'd not been the first in the room, judging by the little nest he'd found so he decided to stay a while and nap.

When he awoke he was unaware of how many hours had passed.  His torch had gone out and he was completely in the dark, "Uh... feck me."  Groggily he stood up and stretched, belting out an extra long, extra loud, extra satisfying yawn.  Done stretching he started to look for the wall in an attempt to use to guide himself back.  It was down ten ten passages, then left, right, left and left right?

"Great, I'm going to die down here," he muttered to himself.

About fifteen minutes later panic started to set in.  He was breathing heavily, trying to control himself but it was nigh impossible in the dark.  That's when he started to hear things... something heavy, dragging itself, it's breathing humid... No, it's not real, it's not real, it's not real, it's not real... And then he saw a light in the distance, someone walking through one of the tunnels.

"Hey!  Wait!  Hey!" he tried to call out, starting to run in that direction.

- Leodred

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