Re: Tail-Bone of a Person ( Cremsden/Kyrel/Z'go/Aruithil )

Rogue Kakashi

"You don't want to talk to this one," Aruithil replied, glaring at Z'go, who suddenly felt out numbered.  If the three healers weren't enough, Myri burst from between with a squawk, warning the brownrider to not make her intervene.  "Your brain might turn to dung the longer you're exposed."

"Right, if you're all done having fun at my expense..."  growled the brownrider.  He focused his attention on the journeyman, deciding the two apprentices weren't worth his time.  "Aye, and I'd like to request a private examination.  Far from these two pieces of... bubbly pies."

- Z'go and Aruithil

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