Re: Missing In Action (ATTN: Fabio, Any)

Jessica Freise

Yiyu had stood, immobilized, for several seconds. Then the squawk had erupted from the opposite end of the barracks and she'd turned to spy the metallic firelizard trapped. Oh, by the egg of Faranth. if she moved, she'd risk censure for walking around naked, perhaps before she could explain. If she didn't....

Yiyu sighed softly and moved....

Only to slip and fall flat on her ass.

On Mar 29, 2020, at 7:00 PM, Alyx <scottish.wolfecary@...> wrote:

Fabio, well this wasn't the first time he'd been something of a nuisance. Why he still liked hanging about the candidate's barracks when his pet, a rider had long since moved on was anyone's guess. Sometimes he even still curled up on the cot that had at one point belonged to D'vik. Maybe those early memories were clearer to the unfortunate flit. No one would ever know for sure Why, suffice it to say that he did.

Today would be yet another misadventure for the unfortunate flit. He'd popped into the bathing room, intent on having a splashing good time. But someone had been there, for some reason, this dumb flit had decided that meant time for..hiding? While the young woman wasn't looking, he'd reached up, and stolen her clothing, hiding under it and scuttling about the room. Unseen, unheard. Well, unheard until he walked face first into a wall. Because of course he couldn't see where he was going. He let out a rather indignant squack, at what? Who knows, but this bronze flit was very offended that something had walked into his face! His wings began to thrash, spewing a shirt over in that corner, a pair of pants the other way. Unfortunately he was brought up short by his old nemesis...a bra. The loop for the shoulder caught up one of his wings, the other got snagged on a small outcropping of rock, and when Fabio attempted to move away from the wall, well he was well and truly caught. This led to several frightened squeaks and squeals and a large, very handsome looking bronze flit frantically clawing at the wall, the bra, and anything else that might be unfortunate enough to get in close.
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