Re: Gotta Water the Paperwork (attn: J'hen, Qioyon)

Mya L. R.

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((Igen is where we came from. Before mine got...retired.)) The old brown snorted in disgust at the idea, and settled into the shallow water with a slosh.  ((You...look like someone. Someone mine knew...but I do not remember. We would have to ask him. He will come here.)) The dragon said this as if it was a matter of course. While also calling out to his rider ((Mine, you must come. I cannot remember.))

Back in his weyr, J'hen blinked at the rather unusual summons. He'd just retrieved yet another slipper from Saly's clutches. too bad it was a little too late. Oh well, he'd just have to send in another order. This was the second pair this week. (Can't remember what Nehryth? That's a long walk you know.)

((This boy, I can't remember. You must see him.)) The dragon replied sagely.  ((If you do not want to come down, I will bring him to you.)) Just because the brown dragon was still fairly mobile, well he knew his rider wasn't as fit as he once had been, and sometimes would make mild concessions for him.

J'hen blinked in his weyr, wondering what on Pern his dragon was on about, what boy? But before he could ask that question, Nehryth again took things into his own hands, er well claws.

The brown's attention turned back to the lad with the soggy papers and told him ((Gather your things, you will come with me. And don't take off your shoes.))

Qioyon blinked.  Still silent he blinked again, puzzled over this sudden command from the brown.  "Where we going?"  He asked and turned, quickly grabbing for the papers he'd rescued for the water, not in any pattern or order, he just tossed them back into a pile.  The wet ones he set aside frowning uncertainly at them as he wasn't sure how to carry them without completely ruining what was left.

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