Say it ain't sewing ( Kyrel / Sorho )

Rogue Kakashi

Candidates walked past the young blonde man as he stared at the entrance to the classroom, unable to make himself go in again.  He'd been at this for turns and he knew exactly what this class was about.  Basic needlework; tip goes through hole, do this, do that, three hours of life that were never coming back for a skill that Sorho was completely unskilled in and had no desire to improve.  What was he going to do?  Knit himself a pair of trousers?  

"Sewing?" he asked outloud, asking no one but hoping for an answer nonetheless.  "Seriously?  Are trying to put the tailors out of business or something?"  He let out a frustrated sigh and started to back away before it was too late to do so.  "Nope, feck this today."

- Sorho

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