Re: A Senior Request (Cremsden/Aruithil)

Rogue Kakashi

"This time of the turn?... oh!  Because of the eggs?" she asked, curious for more, as usual.  She could understand why; she'd started to wonder how many fellow apprentices would disappear this time around.  The memory of how empty the Infirmary had been after the Tiny Traveller's hatch was still vivid in her memory.  

"I'm eighteen actually," she was quick to remind him.  "You were at my nameday celebration in fact!"  How could he forget!  She did her best to keep her reprimanding tone at bay, she was starting to feel like she sounded more like her mother every day.  "About the Hall... You are probably right.  I do appreciate the opportunity that Arolos as given me, though, to learn."

- Aruithil

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