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Kyrel was aware of the strange looks and baffled glares he received from a few of the other candidates, and he bristled. It was not the first time he had been thought of as stupid, he recognized the expressions, the disdain. His face darkened as his mood began to sour. /Of course/ the Weyr would be no different from the Hold, why should he have hoped otherwise? He dragged his fingers through the mop of dark hair atop his head, trying to affect a casual air with debatable results. 

He realized a voice nearby had addressed him with a question, and light eyes shifted to find the redhead waiting without a look of judgment. That was a surprise. Kyrel considered whether he would answer at all before finally admitting the root of his ignorance with a reluctant nod, he /was/ new to candidacy.  

When Delysia answered his question, he felt a wash of relief not to hear annoyance in her voice. Her offer to point him in the right direction was came as more of a surprise than the former, and Kyrel wore it sincerely. "O-oh, thank you," he replied, grateful he hadn't stumbled over the words. 

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Delysia narrowed her eyes at Kyrel's question. It was... an absurd question. And given the expressions on some of the other candidates, Delysia was not the only one who thought so. It was so absurd that it could really mean only one of two things, either the boy was new to the weyr and truly ignorant, or he was a troublemaker. Delysia didn't think it was the latter - she had a carefully cultivated reputation and troublemakers usually didn't find her worth the, well, trouble. As for ignorance, ignorance was only a failing if no attempts were made to correct it. "No," She replied, her tone neutral, if dry. "Eggs do not speak. Not even golds have ever reported being able to contact a dragon while it is still in its shell. There are several wonderful texts in the weyr archives regarding dragon physiology and life cycles. It may be to your advantage to brush up before the hatching. If you come and see me after class, I can give you a few recommendations." Her eyes flickered over the rest of the class. "My offer, of course, is open to anyone."

Then she turned her attention to Myatka. "I don't doubt that your candidate masters have a slew of valuable lessons planned for you before hatching day. My intentions for coming before you is not to lecture, but merely to introduce myself and make clear my expectations for those of you who wish to visit Razelth. As for extra effort.." She paused, as if to organize her thoughts. "It is, of course, up to each of you how much effort you want to exert. And no, working hard will not make it more likely that you will impress - ultimately it is the dragon that chooses. However," She emphasized. "In you first few months of weyrlinghood you will not have time for anything except sleep, food, your dragon, and your studies. Those of you who are prepared will be thankful for it."

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Devika had been excited to hear the goldrider would be coming for the lesson.  She had been around long enough to remember other clutches and the lead up to them.  The goldriders had not always graced them with their time but Dev felt it could mean the candidates would be granted more time with the eggs.  Going into the lesson Dev had taken the time to impress in no uncertain terms that Amar was to be on her very best behavior.  The large gold had not understood what her's was worried about, she felt she was always on her best behavior.  She had not given any other flits lessons since the chores a few days ago.  The thought from the gold only gave Dev a small comfort.  She knew her flit was not aggressive or mean by nature, she was, well she guessed she was just a gold.  Dev just wished she would act more as she felt a gold should. 

Settling in her seat she scratched Amar's head where it settled on her collarbone before giving her full attention to Goldrider Delysia.  A joy that she had not felt in a long time grew in her heart as she listened to the rider, there really were eggs on the stand.  There would be young dragons joining them again soon.  As they were asked for questions the same that was asked entered her mind, how many?  It was a given that in a program with turns worth of candidates in it and turns worth of empty sands that it would be a small few that impressed but she hoped it was still a large number.  


Across the room still, hard to read warm brown eyes watched the candidates file in then moved to watch the goldrider.  Like many of the older candidates, this was not new to Kabar.  His annoyance with some of the younger, newer candidates was as much irritation at their often over-romanticized idea of being a rider as it was with the memory of himself having the same view.  Turns of being at the Weyr had broken all those ideas but yet even as he realized the weight and dangers of being a rider his heart still wanted to be one.  It was no less dangerous to work deep in the mines so he had little to lose standing till he could not anymore.  


A few seats over another pair of seasoned grey green eyes watched what was going on.  Masou had spent his life being overlooked so perhaps foolishly he had not lost hope of impressing.  Watching some of the newest candidates made him smile a touch, had they all been so starry eyed when they had started.  There was no annoyance in his eyes as he watched only amusement.  Masou turned his eyes to the goldrider as she spoke, his mind filled with the burning question that had been asked.  It also calmed as they were told they could go and look at the eggs.  In all these turns of waiting he had greatly enjoyed looking at the eggs.  There had been rare times when some held patterns he could manage into his wood working and carving.  


Behind Masou another older candidate sat leaning forward on the table before him.  Those around Jade likely could nearly feel the excitement pouring off of him.  Piercing blue eyes studied the goldrider as he forced himself not to jump up and dance around now that it had been confirmed that there were eggs again at Arolos.  On the table he was leaning on Glow sat and looked very confused, her's was always happy but this was far more happy then she could remember in her short memory.  Glancing at the green flit Jade smiled but then looked back forward.  He knew the green was confused he could feel it but he did not want to cause a scene in the lesson explain to the green what was going on.  

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