Now Comes Our Time (D'cul/Seteieth SA)


{{Razelth has laid her clutch,}} Seteieth hummed excitedly while gazing down at the Hatching Sands with great interest. His eyes whirled a swift light blue as his claws worked deep into the rock ledge of his weyr. {{More hatchlings are coming soon and then we can help them grow.}}

"What part of that has you the most excited?" D'cul came out with a chuckle and looked down as well, one hand on his dragon's bony paw. "The fact that Arolos is gaining new life, that new dragons will experience what we did, or that we'll have a chance to instruct them?"

{{All of it. I want to see the life that Razelth brings forth, I want to see who they will meet, and I want to help them know how to be a good Threadfighter. Especially if they're bronze!}} Eagerness was very obvious through their bond and strong enough to make D'cul beam up at his partner. Seteieth didn't often show such excitement and he was even less inclined to show it. So to see this was really a gift. {{I may not have won that flight, but that doesn't mean I can't be any less excited about the outcome.}}

"Think there will be another gold?" D'cul asked curiously. Arolos probably had the room for it and it would make things far more interesting after this current boring time.

{{I can't say, she won't tell. Even the candidates can't right see well enough.}} Seteieth huffed softly. {{What is it with queens and keeping things secret which need to be known eventually? What next, no one is even allowed to know she has lain eggs except her rider? I don't think that could happen, but golds shall be golds.}}

"Considering everything we've been through here, don't you think they'd be quite well within their rights to say that no one can see their precious eggs until Hatching? Sure, candidates touching the eggs has proven to result in less maulings on Hatching Day, but that's still a privilege given by gold and rider." D'cul sensibly reminded his friend. "Especially Foreth has the right to be picky after that fiasco."

{{I remember,}} Seteieth grunted with irritation. {{That will not happen again. I would rather bite someone than let anyone hurt an egg, and dragons don't bite people.}}

"Not after Hatching, anyway. Good point, though, and same but with my knife." D'cul watched the people below going here and there.

{{You... bite people with your knife?}} Seteieth was confused enough to turn his attention from staring at the Sands towards D'cul.

"No, love. I meant I would stab someone to death if they tried attacking us again. Make more sense now?"

{{Ohh yeah that makes sense!}}

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