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It was a testament to her broken, innocent state of mind that Tyne missed any of the tiny social cues that might otherwise have let her know that Sahari was struggling with what to say. As if to confirm that Sahari was indeed right, Cairn puffed up a little more and issued a short bark of cheeps and whistles. And in response, the flock sat up in smart attention, shuffling into position suspiciously looking like a dragonflight preparing to take off.

"They do!" Tyne leapt on the snippet of conversation. "I found them in a cave. A smuggler cave! We think there had been people stealing eggs because there were eggs EVERYWHERE! Some of them hatched!" And some of the occupants dead in their shells due to poor care, but Tyne didn't add that part to her memory. It was neatly put away in a box somewhere. "We were going to bring as many as we could back but more started hatching!"

Her enthusiasm was palpable as she bounced forward a little, waving her hands in avid gesticulation.

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The flit names went in one ear and out the other almost as quickly. Sahari nodded dutifully at each pause, and felt herself grasping again for something to talk about as soon as the long list of names ended. She couldn't just turn around and leave; for better or worse, she was invested. And the good judgement of her lifemate was to blame. What did a lifelong rider, without any real hobbies outside gambling, drinking, and flying, talk about with a dragonless, damaged girl?

"Did they all come from around here?" She ended up asking as soon as Tyne fell silent, and glanced at the little bronze. "Proper little wingleader."

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