Unseeing Eyes Learning What Has Changed And Not Changed (Lavender, Any)

Sharon O'Brien - Aquino

The day was pleasant as a slight form came out of the Harpers Hall an arm outstretched before it a large brown firelizard grasping the hand in its front talons and the arm between its rear.  The image of the woman with the long raven hair being so obviously lead likely painting a confusing image to most that could not remember the Weyr live more than 7 turns back.  

Rand though would never have noticed people looking curiously, the brown had a mission.  His one concern was making sure his pet got anywhere she desired safely.  In the air around them, Mavelle circled and dove chattering.  The brown perhaps not as bright as a metallic had learned enough over the turns to be of some use, but his green companion sadly was only occasionally of use.  Lavender though for her part smiled as she could hear the green around them and feel the air move when she would circle close.  She could feel the joy the little green felt at being back in the south with the warmer air and familiar things.  

At the end of her outstretched arm she could also fell the confident hold of Rand as he lead her.  Their bond perhaps stronger more from necessity then because of his slightly higher intelligence.  Her mind nudging him to the trees around the lake she knew filled the center of the bowl.  The brown oblieging and tilting as he started them in that direction.  

Lavender's steps were confident even in her etermal darkness because she had walked this Weyr for turns before her reprieve to the Master Hall.  The sun felt warm on her face as she followed the brown and she tilted her head ever so slightly up basking in the feeling.  They had only been back perhaps a month after turns away.  She had worked hard to get settled again and temper any concerns about having a blind Harper that anyone had.  But now with a bit of free time she wanted to enjoy the Weyr again.  

The breeze picked up and Lavender took a deep breath.  Her sense of smell was set to life with the smell of water, the spices that were so commonly found in the oil used on the dragons, the earthy smell of the ground in the bowl and the hint of flowers that occasionally appeared in the bowl but she suspected more likely blew in from outside the Weyr.  

Even as she let her other sense fill with the world outside the Haven she worked to follow her little guide.  As they started to pass under the trees she felt the change of temperature on her face of shadow and sun.  As Rand stopped and the air moved more before her as he beat his wings harder to hover she slowly picked up her full long blue skirt in one hand that was free she moved to lower herself to settle on the cool found.  

Once Lavender was fully seated in the grass Rand released her arm and moved to settle on her shoulder keeping his watch.  Mavelle though seeing fish moving the in the water moved to watch them intently.  Lavender absently took a hand moving to her side and gently caressed the grass feeling its soft give under her hand along with the nearly cool sponge feeling it had in the shade of the trees where the sometimes strong southern sun had not toughened the leaves.  In the lake she could hear on the breeze dragons moving and splashing, the sound of people talking likely riders and also the rhythmic splashing of a few swimming.  

Pulling her hand from the grass she reached into her pocket and pulled out her pipes.  Settling the panpipe to her lips she gently started to play a soft but cheerful tune.  

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