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It was an awkward pause for sure, but as the flask was passed back there was a genuinely perplexed look to Tyne as she comically inspected the flask, peering into it. "It tasted okay a minute ago..." she looked back at Sahari, "... does juice normally go off fast?" She took a dubious sniff. It smelled okay. Like a canine cautiously inspecting the contents of a plate she tentatively licked the mouth of the flask. It was only a few drops but those tasted okay too! She peered back at Sahari, genuine confusion written over her face. "Do you not like redfruit juice?" But that was a silly question, everyone liked redfruit juice! Just perhaps not as tooth-achingly sweet as she did.

The question of her flock distracted her, as easily as a green spotting a shiny pebble and Tyne beamed at Sahari, oblivious to the consternation that the poor bluerider was going through. "I can tell you!" she gushed, as proud as a brat handing over their first page of neatly written letters and responding to the silent call, the flock returned, alighting on several large boulders behind Tyne as she turned and pointed them all out. "That's Chief and Tubber," she said indicating the browns, "... and that's Song and Dance and Breeks..." she said, indicating to the blues "... and the greens are Fitz and Bitz, Rona and Zeeti. Oh! And Aaru. But she's not mine, she belongs to Bobbin." She gestured to the gold on her shoulder who had adopted her usual snobbish stance. "This is Bobbin. And Cairn. He helps her keep everyone in control." The bronze hadn't intentionally  been the last, but he didn't mind, inspecting Sahari with a perfunctory air and whirling eyes.

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Sahari took the proffered flask right away, mostly because she wasn't sure how to carry the conversation any further. Her immediate impulse was to go on about one of the many flights over the years that had "gone to shit" for her, but she hadn't missed that flinch when she spoke to Tyne about it, either. The former gold rider's own experiences clearly took the cake there. It wasn't the time to go bragging about the flights that hadn't gone to shit, either - even though the impulse to praise Oachayth sang in her blood.

So instead, she took a drink - and went pucker-faced at the sweetness of it, expecting something with much more of a kick.

There was no refuge in alcohol, then.

"...think you uncorked this one a bit early," she offered after swallowing, and held the flask back out.

Casting her thoughts toward things to talk about, and only coming up with those sharding flits that hovered about, she added: "What're their names?"

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