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It was an obvious testament to Ysolde's naivety at playing The Game that she had been entirely unaware of the clumsiness of her words. When Delysia had directly spoken to her, she had felt a warm coil of heat spreading through her. She recognised pride in its different form, she was familiar with the varied sensation from a job well done or praise for her work with her Da. She picked up on the gentle note of reproach and it puzzled her. It wasn't a reprimand, no, Delysia had just demonstrated all too clearly only a few seconds before how sharp she could be and in a flash of immaturity that reflected her age, Ysolde had smothered a small small behind her hand. So something she had just done wasn't quite... correct. Yes, that felt right. Not wrong per se, just not quite right. She would take that away with her later and have a think on the whole scenario and see if she could figure it out for herself.

When she had heard Kyrel's question, her first instinct had almost been to mirror's Luicion's. But a thought struck her as she turned around to face the voice it came from. "Is this your first time seeing a Hatching?" she asked politely - her tone encouraging, bracing herself for Delysia's ire if she had gotten in the Goldrider's way but given that not too many moons ago, it was the sort of question she would have asked for herself and, not recognising Kyrel, felt she wanted to give them a buffer - a chance to save themselves of sorts. She shot a look at Luicion, one that said her thoughts in one disapproving glare that would be hard to interpret as anything other than "maybe he doesn't actually know?". Not everyone was so fortunate as to have been Weyrbred or had been in a Weyr long enough to understand it all. Not too long ago, she had regarded the dragons as almost mystical creatures, so little did she *actually* know about them.

Hearing Myatka's own question, she had nodded to herself. That... was reasonable to ask. Each Goldrider was different after all, each had requirements that made life easier or harder for the Candidates hoping to Impress to one of their Gold's eggs. And she was sure that Nayari was already breaking out the "prior to Impression" folder of lesson plans that she was sure that the Candidatemaster kept ready for every Hatching. Oh yes, t's would be crossed and i's would be dotted.

OoC: Not sure if Kyrel is very new :D Ysolde wants to throw him a life belt if so!

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Myatka frowned.  While Tyelko's question struck him as not the first question that should come to mind, Myatka'd figured that might've been more because he was more experience with dragons than Tyelko.  Still it'd sounded an innocent enough that it made him uncomfortable how Delysia made it sound like a stupid question.  He opened his mouth then shut it quickly since another Candidate spoke and his gaze snapped toward Kyrel, shaking his head though he wasn't really sitting somewhere that Kyrel'd see it.  At least the question put him back into the mindset they'd been more brought into the class to discuss questions related to the clutch and what'd follow that.  More calmly he raised his hand.  "Did you have a lesson like this before your Impression, ma'am?  I've help my dad with his bronze a few times and am wondering, in your opinion, how much of an understatement I should take the 'little extra work' as."

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It was probably just as well for Asheran that he wasn't the one asking the question. Delysia speared Tyelko with a cool glance. "I believe that the ability to count is still a prerequisite to candidacy." Her voice was pleasant, in the same way steel sheathed in velvet was pleasant. "As such, I'm sure that you can figure out the answer to your question. If not, I'm certain that one of the others will help you."

Her glance, as it turned to Ysolde, was more thoughtful. She'd meet the young woman a few days prior and had been suitably impressed by her intelligence and manners. The girl clearly wanted to curry favor. That in and of itself, Delysia did not take exception to. She knew that it was within her ability to help along the career of an ambitious young rider. And she saw nothing wrong with putting opportunity in the way of a talented individual. However, doing so in front of a class full of candidate seemed... unwise, blatant even. She knew that Ysolde was capable of more subtlety than that. There was a note of reproof in her voice as she responded, albeit of a gentle variety. "I thank you for your offer, Ysolde, but it's not necessary. I think your candidate masters will agree with me when I say that a candidate's only job, at this junction, should be to prepare him or herself for possible impression."

She turned her attention, and a smile on the rest of the candidates, perhaps remind some that Delysia could be a remarkably beautiful and charming woman when she made an effort. "Being a candidate is a lot of work, as I'm sure you all know. It will not get better as a weyrling. Quite on the contrary. You'll find that putting in a little extra work now can take you a long way." She paused to allow that idea to absorb.

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A Clutch meant there would be Candidates more eager than some of the others.  Mainly the younger ones, or those who'd not stood before, Qioyon qualified for both and he couldn't keep from bouncing in his seat, rather excited over the situation.  There were several people asking question, and he kept swinging his head around looking in their direction, listening, but kept his own month shut for now.  At least waiting for the Goldrider to answer those people as he didn't want to cause her to be swamp with various question.


The whole Clutch situation wasn't new for Myatka, being Weyrborn meant he'd seen various Hatchings before turning 12.  It was, however, his first clutch since becoming a Candidate so it surprised him how interested he was in the rules Delysia listed, even though most weren't all that surprising for someone familiar with Arolos.  He nodded after each thing Delysia listed off and, once she asked for questions, he looked around in silence to see who'd ask question.  He expected that it'd be more the non-Weyrborns asking questions, expected they'd have more questions than Weyrborns, so didn't want to interrupt those that needed the information.  

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Yiyu was as far back in the grouping as she could be and still be present. Head lowered, hands clasped, she watched and listened, but couldn't find words to express the myriad of questions circling in her mind.

This wasn't home, she reminded herself. She wouldn't be rebuked for just speaking. She wouldn't. Would she?

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Sitting with the other candidates, Rennitz listened to the questions while looking out at Razelth pensively. A new clutch was a wonderful boon to any Weyr- so many possibilities and opportunities. What would it bring? Who would go on to be the Weyr's newest Threadfighters? These questions sat in Rennitz's mind as she listened to the two questions and had to stifle a sigh at Ysolde's pandering. Yes of course one had to be polite to goldriders, especially when their queen had just clutched and one was being given permission to see the eggs, but Faranth's golden egg, this was excessive. The question itself was a good one and Rennitz would absolutely be happy to run errands for Delysia if she chose, or of course Razelth, but the downright wordiness of it had the Keroonian grimacing internally. Why, Ysolde? Just why?

The comment about pets on the sands had Rennitz nodding. Aranck was already interested in the clutch and, Rennitz knew, would be more than happy to run errands for Razelth if she wanted. The brown would be delighted to bring her fish or trinkets and if the gold firelizard wanted anything too, well he'd oblige in an instant. From his perch nearby but out of sight, Aranck sent his agreement eagerly. 

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