Re: Training day... activate! (Tyne/ANY)

Jenna Cunningham

At first, Sahari felt pity, and watched the shift of emotions across Tyne's face, wondering how to salvage the situation. Stupid though the girl might have been, she'd paid dearly enough for it now and, besides --

Wait. Was that disdain? Was this former gold rider still too good to hang out with the likes of her?

Her hand closed into a fist, and she brought her arm back to her side, planting her feet shoulder-width apart, unconsciously adopting the sort of bullish stance that usually preceded a fight in her younger days. Behind her, rising out of the shallows and shaking himself dry, she felt Oachayth's keen worry.

<<Mine, if you hit her, we will have to leave. I like it here.>> He sounded as plaintive as she had ever heard him.

I'm not going to hit her. But she glanced down at her hands and found them still balled into tight fists, and felt the tension in her lean body. Maybe she had been intending to do exactly that - and the realization embarrassed her. She was too old to be slugging someone for insulting her, ex-gold rider or not, and she knew better than to bully around someone who couldn't even fight back. Especially when her lifemate's happiness was on the line.

"Well," she said instead, ignoring Tyne's earlier question, and felt the fight go out of her. "Sometimes flights just go to shit. It happens."

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