Re: Hiding In Plain Sight (ATTN: Rennitz, Any)


"Well if I'm not being too forward in assuming so, yeah! Friends are important no matter where you are, but I believe that holds especially true in the Weyr. Especially so if we both Impress, because then we'd be Weyrlings together and then fighting together in the Wings. You'd have to get to know your classmates first then your wingmates since your lives would be resting on each other's shoulders. Honestly... it's kind of terrifying." Rennitz sighed softly and let her eyes lower at that admittance. "Thinking about how if we do Impress we'll be responsible for the life of a dragon and then also the life of... Ah, sorry! My mind got caught up there for a moment!" She tried to laugh off the sudden change in mood. "Have you got to meet a dragon yet?"

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