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"I like the south." I'des agreed. "Went between to the snow, once. Yuck." He nodded a greeting to the other's bronze. "Nice to meet you." A pause, then he was shaking his head. "Not my Sunstreath, not really. Though he certainly took a shine to Foreth the other day." 

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S’tinas gestured for his bronze to come closer, “At least the heat wasn’t a big change then for you. Which Wing are you from? I’m from CloudDancers.”

((I will do that. I like my own sun anyways.)) Lepturuth said as he came closer to S’tinas.

The bronze rider chuckled as he began scrubbing his bronze, “Lepturuth is very social.”

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I'des grinned, shaking his head. "Nah, Ista born and bred, both of us. Sunstreath there came for me right outta the shell." he responded, still amused by his dragon's attitude. "Don't take it personal if he ignores you. He's not the most social of beasts." 

((You can have a different patch of sun. This one is mine.)) Sunstreath responded, simply, and settled down to bask in just the right pose 

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“Nice to meet you too,” S’tinas replied, shedding his shirt, “You originally from Arolos? I was born in Fort, but raised here. Impressed here too.”

((They think they are so hard done by, yet they know they would be jealous of other riders if they hadn’t met us.)) Lepturuth told Sunstreath, ((I hope he hurries so I can get to sunning too.))

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I'des snorted, even as Sunstreath gave both riders an arch look and leaped upward, flapping mightily, to go sun himself on the Rim. "You're talking to the eternal dragondrudge here." He joked. "My Sunstreath is very particular. About everything. I'm I'des, by the way. Pleased to meetcha."

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“He has a tendency to be a butt,” S’tinas said with a grin, “He likes to come in with a flourish. I’m S’tinas and that’s Lepturuth.” 

Lepturuth raised a wing in greeting before resting into the water. 

“Make sure you get nice and wet,” S’tinas called out to the bronze.

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"No problem." I'des chirped, though the bronze rider was significantly wetter. "Who doesn't want a second bath?"

He gave a grin and wave, patting Sunstreath with his other hand. "All done, Sunny. Go ahead and go pose somewhere."  

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S'tinas was hauling the normal bathtime stuff to the Lake. He knew Lepturuth was around, could feel the amusement in his bronze. He looked in the blue sky, watching for the bronze. 

**You aren't going to catch me unawares again.** S'tinas thought to his dragon and grinned when he felt the amusement of his bronze.

Lepturuth came into view and drove towards the Lake, landing with a spectacular splash, sending a good wave towards the shore.

"Well, people are probably used to you," S'tinas said outloud this time, and then called towards the others on shore, "Sorry for the wave!" 

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