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Mya L. R.

On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 6:28 PM sailyn2 <empressoftheworld@...> wrote:
"Yes, it's  a very nice day," Kassia said. "You have a beautiful wher there."

Citruse inclined her head, acknowledging that the other 2-legged was speaking about her.  A compliment was an appropriate reaction, but she really wasn't going to get excited over some 2-legged admiring her.   "Thank you.  Citruse appreciates the compliment, well as much as she can from 2-leggeds."  K'gra said, chuckling a little.  He didn't really need anything from the Gold wher to be able to know what her reaction would be.  He nodded in Brogan's direction.  "He's might fine looking too, got a fair amount of Callamere in him too, right?"

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