Re: Hiding In Plain Sight (ATTN: Rennitz, Any)

Jessica Freise

Yiyu gave the wherhandler's name without hesitation, lips curving upward as she thought of the man who positively dwarfed her. "Do you know him?" she asked, even as her gaze found the brown firelizard.

On Mar 24, 2020, at 5:59 PM, Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:

"Do you know who they belonged to?" Rennitz asked curiously. "One person with three whers is a pretty huge workload! That would require someone really strong and dedicated. They must be a whercrafter."

Bored now, Aranck flew over to his human and settled on her shoulder. The brown firelizard curiously looked the new human up and down while sending questioning thoughts.

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