Re: Jewels In Their Setting (ATTN: Diagir)


Crinkles formed in the corners of Diagir's eyes when Yiyu spoke. Her obvious admiration for whers touched his heart and made him happy beyond comprehension, something his three picked up on. Vainglory herself hummed happily with dark green eyes while rubbing against Yiyu's hand beyond happily. {Very good pets! Glory like big much!}

"Did she, hmm? Well, that's actually pretty fantastic. Whers aren't much like dragons who are much more likely to talk to humans whenever they wish. Bonded whers like Vainglory are much more likely than Impressed ones like Diagirsk." The brown huffed in response and nodded. Ziya thumped her tail on the ground expectantly. "But of course, as her highness is reminding me, golds like Ziya are extremely picky who they speak to. I hear, however, that queen dragons with eggs on the sands are more inclined to talk to humans if they're bored, which they often are. I know Ziya certainly was bored when she had her eggs on the sands."

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