Re: Jewels In Their Setting (ATTN: Diagir)

Jessica Freise

The feelings, the *words*, simply formed in her mind. She shivered, at once delighted and afraid. When she spoke, it was little more than a whisper: "She spoke to me." Automatically, her hand continued to scritch the wher as she looked up at the man with wide, joyful eyes.

On Mar 24, 2020, at 4:45 PM, Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:

"I helped, yes." Diagir was very clearly proud of that fact. "I'm the first Senior Journeyman of the Whercraft Hall. Athesta is the MasterWhercrafter of Pern and frankly she is so incredibly lucky. But then, she's also far too busy running it to devote that much time to training apprentices, which is what I enjoy. I like teaching people about whers, whether or not they have them. I usually hold lessons in the Wherhall, but occasionally I'll have them outside so noncrafters will get to experience it."

Vainglory was only too happy to lift her snout into Yiyu's hand, purring happily. {Like this one. Give good pets.} Vainglory, not being an Impressed wher, was able to broadcast herself out so that Yiyu could hear her.

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