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"Y-yiyu, lady," she answered quietly, unassumingly. Much like she had with the whers, she slowly extended one hand to the scared-looking older woman, licking her lips nervously. "I'm a Candidate here. Your firelizards are beautiful," she added, unable to resist her own fascination with all creatures great and small.

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It... hadn't been a great day. No, not "bad" in the way Tyne knew "bad" could be but it had been one of those days where she had felt perilously close to that precipitous edge she knew far too well. She had spent most of the day in hiding in her quarters, practising her breathing techniques and grounding herself. It had been an activity that cost her most of the day and had been disturbed when she realised she hadn't eaten anything since the evening of the day before. Anything earlierĀ in the day would undoubtedly have been returned by anxious retching but now, feeling a bit more in balance again, she decided that she needed to do two things - stretch her legs a little and find some food.

She had followed some of the more awkward and therefore lesser used tunnels to the Lower Caverns. It took longer, but the walk was used as another means to ground herself. When she had approached, she had sent Bobbin in, small note strapped to her leg. The gold knew exactly which staffer to head to. No, she wasn't sure she could deal with the bustle of the Dining Hall itself. Unfortunately, the wobble in Tyne's emotional state meant that her brood was feeling especially clingy. Whilst Bobbin and Cairn had had the places of honour on her shoulders, the others had been a train of colour that winked in and out of Between as they kept up, clinging to walls, glow baskets and supporting beams as they stayed close.

The gold had just returned with a small basket in tow, immediately resuming her sentinel post as the basket was plopped gently at Tyne's feet. She had just picked it up when she heard the voice and she started, freezing in place and causing the flock to bristle in alarm at the spike of alert that rushed through Tyne.

"Who're you? Why are you here?" On another day, the voice might have been more demanding. Today it was edged with panic, as though she were caught doing something she shouldn't be doing.

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Yiyu stepped out of the lower caverns and instantly paused. Like a wild runner caught in lamplight, she stilled, aware of eyes on her. Slowly turning, she saw...firelizards. A great many, in fact, but it was the woman who caught her attention with wide, dark eyes that stared through, not passed, her.

"May, lady?"

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