Re: Jewels In Their Setting (ATTN: Diagir)


To say that Diagir was shocked was beyond. This small timid girl had sad that whers weren't ugly! A wide smile cracked and spread over his face and he gave a laugh. "You don't, eh? Well! You're absolutely in a minority among people, especially young ones like yourself. Most people, like you said, call these creatures ugly and monsters. But while they're not as smooth and graceful as dragons or firelizards, they're downright critical."

Reaching out a hand to his queen, Diagir ran his palm over her muzzle almost tenderly. "It's why I helped star the Whercraft, honestly."

Ziya purred under Diagir's attention and was inclined to give the girl more positive consideration. Vainglory came up to directly sniff the child with a little wag of her tail and genuine curiosity, while Diagirsk kept his distance.

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