Re: Jewels In Their Setting (ATTN: Diagir)

Jessica Freise

"I've heard," she started timidly, watching as the whers approached, "that many think them ugly. But I don't."

had she dared? She had. She had voiced her own opinion, a thing that she'd only done once or twice in her lifetime and that had always resulted in a swift and heavy retribution from her father. She gazed on each wher, seeing the differences, the confirmation, the beauty.

On Mar 24, 2020, at 1:58 PM, Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:

"Aye, especially since you asked so nicely and you very clearly seem to want to learn about them." Diagir always enjoyed people wanting to meet and learn about whers and he was always delighted to show his off in particular. Looking over his shoulder, he wasn't surprised to see Ziya standing in the water watching them. "Call your boys over, hm? Someone wants to meet you."

Ziya snorted through the water in happy agreement and stood to her full height. Looking over her shoulder, Ziya trilled at the brown and green behind her before proceeding towards Diagir and Yiyu. {Who girl?} Ziya asked Diagir.

"This is Yiyu, my dear. Yiyu, this is Ziya, my Callamere gold queen wher. Coming up now are my first wher, Northern brown Diagirsk, and Ziya's daughter, green Vainglory."

Diagirsk grunted as he emerged from the water, his massive size a testament to his origin. Vainglory, meanwhile, was quite tiny next to the brown, which showed off her Callamere genes. 

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