Re: Fruit Destruction at it's Messiest (attn: Ysolde, Qioyon)

Mya L. R.

On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 3:46 AM Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:
Now that she stopped to properly look at the kid, it was apparent that he was pretty much plastered in stains and with his talk of fruit, that correlated with some of the colours she was looking at. "I'm not sure what you've been up to but to get that much on you meant it had to be good fun!" So he was a bit messy. She... just didn't want to touch him. Stickiness made her a bit... yeah. She didn't do stickiness. But she was also about his age at one point and she also remembered that she had a tendency to come home with more than a few smudges herself - especially if she had been gem hunting.

Qioyon ducked his head, sheepishly, as that brought his attention back onto why he'd gotten so messy.  Still the mention of 'good fun' made him snap his gaze back toward Ysolde, with a grin spreading across his face, lighting up his expression from it's previous gloom.  "I was making a dragon outta fruit!  Well, maybe dragon, it was more flit size and didn't look quite right, to me at least, but hopefully it'll make them think of a dragon rather than a flit!"  He said bouncing in place and obvious being more than willing to explain at least part of what he'd been doing. 

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