Re: Jewels In Their Setting (ATTN: Diagir)


"Wonderful, aren't they, lass?" Diagir asked the child kindly. "Have you ever seen whers before? Most who have wouldn't have seen a queen like my Ziya. Now, the most important thing to remember about any draconic is that queens are very territorial. Get too close and they don't know you and they'll get defensive. Some might get aggressive. Don't worry, mine won't because they've been trained well enough. That said... would you like to meet them?"

Hearing her human talking to someone, Ziya looked over to see Diagir talking to a young girl. She waded through the shallow water towards them while keeping her paws in the wet sand, working her fingers gently through the muck. The gold was curious about this young one- they weren't one of the whelps studying at the Wherhold, who were they?

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