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A Clutch meant there would be Candidates more eager than some of the others.  Mainly the younger ones, or those who'd not stood before, Qioyon qualified for both and he couldn't keep from bouncing in his seat, rather excited over the situation.  There were several people asking question, and he kept swinging his head around looking in their direction, listening, but kept his own month shut for now.  At least waiting for the Goldrider to answer those people as he didn't want to cause her to be swamp with various question.


The whole Clutch situation wasn't new for Myatka, being Weyrborn meant he'd seen various Hatchings before turning 12.  It was, however, his first clutch since becoming a Candidate so it surprised him how interested he was in the rules Delysia listed, even though most weren't all that surprising for someone familiar with Arolos.  He nodded after each thing Delysia listed off and, once she asked for questions, he looked around in silence to see who'd ask question.  He expected that it'd be more the non-Weyrborns asking questions, expected they'd have more questions than Weyrborns, so didn't want to interrupt those that needed the information.  

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Yiyu was as far back in the grouping as she could be and still be present. Head lowered, hands clasped, she watched and listened, but couldn't find words to express the myriad of questions circling in her mind.

This wasn't home, she reminded herself. She wouldn't be rebuked for just speaking. She wouldn't. Would she?

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Sitting with the other candidates, Rennitz listened to the questions while looking out at Razelth pensively. A new clutch was a wonderful boon to any Weyr- so many possibilities and opportunities. What would it bring? Who would go on to be the Weyr's newest Threadfighters? These questions sat in Rennitz's mind as she listened to the two questions and had to stifle a sigh at Ysolde's pandering. Yes of course one had to be polite to goldriders, especially when their queen had just clutched and one was being given permission to see the eggs, but Faranth's golden egg, this was excessive. The question itself was a good one and Rennitz would absolutely be happy to run errands for Delysia if she chose, or of course Razelth, but the downright wordiness of it had the Keroonian grimacing internally. Why, Ysolde? Just why?

The comment about pets on the sands had Rennitz nodding. Aranck was already interested in the clutch and, Rennitz knew, would be more than happy to run errands for Razelth if she wanted. The brown would be delighted to bring her fish or trinkets and if the gold firelizard wanted anything too, well he'd oblige in an instant. From his perch nearby but out of sight, Aranck sent his agreement eagerly. 

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