Jewels In Their Setting (ATTN: Diagir)

Jessica Freise

Yiyu saw the trio of whers first. Her gaze was caught by the glint of the gold, then shifted to the awe-inspiring forms of her two companions: one brown, one green.

Forgetting herself, she stepped closer to the lake. Inch by inch she, moved focused only on the trio splashing at the edge of the lake. Freezing when a heavy hand dropped on her petite shoulder and made her look up -- and up.

Gulping hard, she studied the imposing figure beside her. Automatically, her hands moved to clasp before her, as if she were silently saying 'see, I didn't do anything'. Swallowing again, she threw another awe-filled look at the whers, then refocused on the scarred man.

"H-h--h-hello," she managed.

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