Re: That's Not My Firelizard. Its Brain Is Too Small. ATTN ANY / ALL

Amy Frazey

Zy picked out a bit of the fish roll and stuffed it in the gaping mouth, and followed it with another bite, just as quickly. As he did so, he caught the edge of a slightly pleased, though somewhat baffled, feeling from Nerenth. Then the little blue hatchling had evidently decided Zy'fen wasn't producing food fast enough, and snapped at his fingers. That produced a sense of warning from Nerenth, and a grown from Zy, but he pinched off another bit of the roll, and the blue flit pounced on it, shaking the bit and splattering sauce on Zy'fen's hand before gobbling it down and demanding more.

Zy shoved more fish into the gaping mouth, then glanced up when he heard a giggle from the very girl he'd been looking for. The sight of her made him smile, despite his displeasure at being splattered with drippy brown sauce. His smile widened even more as Illeana sat beside him, showing just how pleased he was to have her there. "So it would seem. I have no idea where he came from, though." Zy fed the blue flit more of his fish roll, then glanced around. "Looks like he's not the only one."

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