Re: That's Not My Firelizard. Its Brain Is Too Small. ATTN ANY / ALL

Amy Frazey

It was, of course, hunger that drove Zy'fen to the dining hall. He'd just finished grooming Nerenth, and himself, to satisfactory levels, and now needed to sit down and relax a little. Of course, he was sort of hoping to see that pretty Harper girl again, the one he'd... Ahem... Had fun with on the recent medhunt. Although, he wasn't sure she would want anything to do with him, after the way he'd run off. But even so, he looked for her as he piled a plate high with food and took a seat at a table near one wall.

Zy was just sitting down and ready to take his first bite when someone jostled his elbow, making him drop the bit of sweet bread he'd been about to pop into his mouth. With a frown, he glanced around for the offender, only to feel a tug at his sleeve, and when he looked down, a gaping mouth. Which happened to be attached to a very hungry blue flit, who squealed and dug it's talons into his wrist when he didn't feed it fast enough.

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