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Mato walked out of the infirmary with his head down. He know he'd be in trouble for his boldness by his father, though he doubted that he would find out so quickly. In any case, he would need to come up with a quick story about what happened just in case. It was as he was thinking that he wasn't watching where he was walking and walked into a pair of skinny brown legs.

Startled he jumped back at the legs. It wasn't unusual to have a dragon nearby, however it was unusual to not only have a dragon march up to him but also demand him to fix his rider. "Um, I'm not a Healer." He answered. "I do not know what a child could do for you."

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This was the fourth day, Nehryth was getting nervous. J'hen had gone up north for a small gather to see a few old friends. They'd gotten him to go swimming in water that had been way too cold for an old man, rider though he was. J'hen rarely got sick, even though he was now quite old. And when he was, Nehryth worried as much as any Hatchling.

J'hen was sensibly, given the circumstances, laying in bed, drinking lots of fluids and giving himself time to recover. Of course that wasn't anywhere near good enough for his skinny brown dragon, who was sitting right outside the Infirmary, just waiting for the first person who came out. When one did, Nehryth marched right up to the person demanding ((When do you plan to treat Mine? He's been sick for Days.))

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