Re: Setting Things Right (Attn: Kethwin, Raobehr)


He he paused, considering the man before him levelly. "Considering that, you can, perhaps, understand my... skepticism when regarding your extremely... atypical training?"


Raobehr hardly thought it was a fair comparison. After all, he had just spent the better part of a Turn or more focusing a significant amount of his time on learning the things the present day Hall expected for its teachers to know. It was atypical, to be sure, but it was not at all atypical in the same way that concerned Kethwin regarding Candidates receiving Harper training.

But he had not made it this far by arguing about why he should not be expected to meet the standards of the day, nor by being argumentative at all.

"Yes, sir, I understand that you are concerned and that you have every right to be. What can I do to help address those concerns?" If the Hall could be convinced, then so could Kethwin. And he would have to be convinced if he was the headmaster in charge at the weyr, where Raobehr intended to work.

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