Setting Things Right (Attn: Harper Apprentices)


Kethwin studied the schedule one more time, checking for conflicts in scheduling one more time. Excellent.  Everyone on the apprentice list should be scheduled for an assessment meeting with him during their free time.

No more of this wishy-washy business of just pushing them through that he was sure had been going on. No, he would personally ensure no apprentice or “apprentice” moved on without needed skills. And just maybe, in time, they could do away with this “candidate-apprentice” nonsense. As if anyone could be any kind of proper apprentice while spending so much of their time elsewhere!

He made copies of the schedule, posting it in the Harper lounge, on the message board in the dining hall, on the message board in the Candidate Barracks, and even on the weyrling barracks message board, just in case. There would be no excuse for someone missing their appointment.


OOC: If you would like to play out your Harper apprentice's evaluation, message me to start or start a seperate thread yourself and just have them show up! He will be disapproving of Candidate-apprentices, won't think much of those with large gaps in their educations and trainings, but will favorites those with standard backgrounds or a great deal of talent - as long as they're willing to put in the work!

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