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"Do you ride?" Sarati asked. She knew a lot of the Candidates put to cleaning stalls didn't actually know how, or even want to learn.

She grabbed the halter and lead rope sitting on a peg outside the stall and slipped inside to put it on the frisky mare. Flame snorted and tossed her head but then submitted to the halter and even followed Sarati out of the stall. As soon as she was in the aisle way Flame jerked forward and tried to rush outside where there'd be grass waiting. Sarati gave the halter a quick jerk and aimed her toward the crossties instead. The mare reluctantly followed and Sarati put her in the crosstie stall.

"I've ridden before," said Nekaer. "But I wouldn't say I ride. Not runners, anyway." He had ridden adragonback enough to consider it unremarkable, as many weyrborn with rider parents had.

"Ashes, she's so fussy," he chuckled. He hoped Sarati did not intend for him to ride her. Sarati... Sarati. The name seemed familiar. He had certainly heard it before. And as he already considered, her face seemed familiar. The two of them may have met before. Well. He would do what he always did if it came up that he should have known her – pretend he knew who she was all along.

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