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Cassandra Coogan

Evarsi giggled as Kestreth bitter against her, threatening to dump the girl into the lake. “Stop it Kes.” The candidate gently scolded her. “You are just cleaned, and oiled. I really want to find another dragon who needs help.”

((But you are My Little)) the green practically pouted. 

Evarsi scowled at the green “That doesn’t mean I can’t help others- or earn 1/32 mark each Rider I help. Besides, you can’t keep me, not if I want to Impress a green or blue or my own.”

Kestreth huffed. ((I suppose.)) she looked around the lake. ((Hey. You.)) she called to a green stained dragon. (I bet you wish you weren’t so green.)) she stretched and faked a yawn. ((My little wants to earn some marks. I however)) she added coyly, inspecting her own hide ((do want to know the colour of a dragon in the sky for when I Fly.))

Ooc: Um. So Kestreth decided she wanted to ‘help’ her riders adopted daughter out. Evarsi is not so sure this is help. 

On Sunday, October 14, 2018, sailyn2 <empressoftheworld@...> wrote:

The problem with having a green lake was that dragons needed to get cleaned and riders didn't always have the time to find a place outside the Weyr to do it. Normally this would have been the riders' fault, but sometimes people were due to visit other Weyrs, Holds, or go out on Search and they didn't have time to wash their dragons. Enough people complained to Kassia that she had to do something about it. Cleaning up the lake wasn't an option, but getting the riders some help was.

She sent word down to T'rif and he passed word onto the Candidates by word-of-mouth and flier that every Candidate was required to help bathe dragons. Anyone who helped would be given a token that could be exchanged for 1/32 mark. The more dragons bathed, the more marks a Candidate could make. Of course that wasn't to say there wouldn't be some unscrupulous riders that would try to get their dragon bathed and not be one of the people that had tokens to give out.


OOC: People feel free to have dragons who need bathed (the rider may or may not have a reason to have tokens to give out), Candidates to help bathe, or someone wanting to bug T'rif.

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