Re: A Cozy Little Chat (attn: Eldvyr, Cremsden)

Laura Walker

"Bitey. Master Kregg named him." And it had stuck. The blue firelizard climbed up to Cremsden's shoulder and then turned, still chattering, to eye Eldvyr as though weighing him up. "And sharding right he's being ornery. Well. Not like he can have a good shout and a swear is it?" And Cremsden was apparently in a world where an outlet for that kind of outlet was needed enough to allow his firelizard some leeway with it. "And he doesn't bite hard enough that stitches are needed any more, just making sure I know he's good and pissed off. Though cleaning out in case of infection is a sharding pain."


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Eldvyr eyed tiny blue hellion warily. "If he knows not to bite normally, then he also understands that it is not acceptable behavior. Ergo he really is just biting you to be ornery." He observed acerbically. He'd never really understood the appeal of pet ownership himself. Why lavish time and effort on a creature with which one could not even have an intelligent conversation? Still, he acknowledged that other people did form emotional attachments to their pets, and sometimes that can be very useful.

"Is this...what did you call him again? Is this the first time you've had a pet?" He asked.

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"Oh, they can," Cremsden agreed. "And from what I understand he swears at them sharding well when he's in the mood to." He clicked his tongue at the annoyed little blue and offered him his uninjured hand. Still muttering to himself Bitey grumbled his way towards it and scrambled heavily up Cremsden's arm.

"When he started it was all fear and fury," Cremsden explained. "Wasn't it, lad? And we sorted that with time, and a bit of help from one of the Impressed gold firelizards, and that part's resolved well enough. Now it's just when he gets pissed off - and there isn't any amount of explaining and communication that fixes pissed off." And apparently even when bitten, Cremsden was inclined to cool down about it fast enough that there was no reason for him to stop.


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