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Dekel couldn’t help but jump a little as the voice came to him.  “Oh Sir.  No he sent me here.” Dekel flushed and held his arm out. “I hurt my arm, I don’t think it’s serious or anything but I’m not a healer and he wanted to make sure.”  He flushed again because he had probably strained his wrist when he had tired to reach for something he really shouldn’t have.

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Dekel sighed as he walked into the infirmary.  Was it sad that the young candidate knew his way around here? Probably but he had been injured numerous times and well this was just another one.  He hoped it wasn't anything serious.  Not since a gold had finally flown and who knew, maybe he would actually have a chance at impression this time?

Taking a seat the fifteen turn sighed as he sat there, trying to not move too much.

The problem with being a Healer apprentice is that when you were actually injured people still assumed you were there to do your job. Dekel might be DragonHealer rather than Healer but he was still familiar enough for Cremsden to glance twice at him as he went to see how the queue looked.

"You'll be in hot water if Master Larsin catches you sitting down," he observed. "They're busy today." 

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