Re: Congratulations! atten: Delysia/Razelth/Kassia


Aoede accepted the treat as if she thought it no more than her due, but afterwards unbent to enough to chirp her thanks.

"That's a fair point. Duly noted." Delysia replied, her eyes still on Brogan. "Any advice you can give on training or taking care of a wher?" She asked the older woman.

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Kassia noted the flit with a laugh. "I guess it's nice to have at least someone who doesn't care what my title is." She produced a treat from the pouch she kept on hand for Brogan's sake and held it out to the self-assured gold.

"A brown would be a good choice," she went on. "Less likely to set off Brogan, too." It was just a reality that the whers would be in close contact quite often. That the whers got along would be important.

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