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Sarati smiled at him. It was nice when people didn't recognize her straight off. Ever since she got handfasted, she'd come to appreciate why her mom went out in a disguise and tried to just meet people as if she was no one important.


"I can manage her myself, but if you're bored and want to help I wouldn't mind the company." She started to slowly ease open the door to the stall. "Flame and I usually have an understanding."

All in all, Nekaer ought to have recognized her straight away, but he never was one to let ‘ought to’ get in the way of what was. If he had grown up at Arolos, no doubt, he would have placed her immediately. But as it was, they had not been Candidates at the same time long enough for him to have absolutely no excuse for not immediately knowing her. 

At least, that would be his excuse.

"I'm technically done here," said Nekaer. "At least, as long as the stablehands sign off that it's good enough, anyway." He tilted his head for a moment, only for the first time considering that he might have seen her before somewhere.

Nekaer smiled and said, "Either way, I could never pass up the opportunity to keep you company."

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