Re: And they all came tumbling down. (Almira/Lerian) #medhunt


"Alright. Sounds good. I already looked around, didn't seeĀ  any signs of anything dangerous." Not that he knew all there was to know about dangerous. He was just a kid, and hadn't spent much time out in the wilds. But Sandy was happy, and hadn't reported anything, and Lerian trusted the bronze flit a lot. He reached into his pocket, and carefully removed the still sleeping Star, and set him down next to his sister. The tiny blue blinked twice at the sudden chill, but then wiggled in closer to his sister and laid his little wedge shaped head across her back and with a sigh went back to sleep.

As Lerian headed towards the cliff face, Sandy flew lazy circles around the boy's head. Lerian stood there for a moment, examining the rock in front of him, before he started up. Sandy landed a bit above the boy's head, and hopped from spot to spot as the boy climbed. Everything was going smooth, but then Lerian got to the waterfall. This part would me more tricky, the rocks were wet, and slick.

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Almira looked up where Lerian was pointing, but shook her head. She didn't really feel like climbing rocks today, and wanted absolutely nothing at all to do with the water, pretty view or not. "I'll just stay here and keep Dahlia company."

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